Elspecta is an authorized Inspection Body performing inspections on lifts and electrical installations. We perform periodical and certification inspections on all kind of electrical installations. We also do periodical inspections on existing lifts. Elspecta is appointed as a Notified Body by the Ministry of Trade and Industry under the Lift Directive (2014/33/EU).

For new Lifts we offer Final Inspections (Annex V) and Unit Verifications (Annex VIII).

The owners of Elspecta are participating in the inspection activities and the ongoing development of the business activities. We have three basic principles following every step in our activities: impartiality, sovereignty and confidentiality.


Until 1995 inspections of lifts and electrical installations were in Finland carried out by authorities. The legislation concerning electrical installations and lifts was reformed in 1994. One of the changes made to the legislation was that technical inspections were not longer considered to be held as authority tasks. Inspection tasks could be carried out by authorized inspection bodies. These inspections were certification and periodical inspections. Elspecta (Hissiproffat) was the first authorized Inspection Company owned by private persons in Finland in the field of Lifts-inspections.



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